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September 24, 2011


Extreme Musical Chairs.

(Thank to Jeff Meyerson)


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Theme song:

When the music stops,

shank the bitch,

and take her chair.

Uh huh, uh huh.

Followed by America's Funniest Home Lobotomies.

I like it, hogsate.

Radio is looking better and better.

I think it could work, but only if it's not safe for that venue. Chairs, musical dollies, sticks taped to foreheads, painful jazz, aggro behavior, and partial nudity. It might be art.. Or it could be old news.

and i thought storage wars was over the top. sillly me.

First featured family: A very special Duggar elimination episode -

'19 kids and counting Subtracting'

"well, if this kind of thing flies, I think we need Raid."--Ernest T. Firefly in his imaginary biography

Which I'm think of pitching a new 30-minute show to Fox News called SUPER NAP TIME. They would take outclips of "B-rolls" and commentary shows and rerun it slowed down over a slow-moving, soft classical music.

I got the inspiration from Extreme Musical Chairs and the book I read by R. Fulgram. Feedback?

I'm with you, NC. The really sad thing is that people will actually watch it.

I'd like to propose a new reality/game show. It would star all producers and directors of reality television.
It would be called "Dodge THIS!"
However, it is anticipated that some episodes would have no survivors.
WINNERS! I meant winners.

Yet another excuse to never again hire writers... May the Producers and Advertisers break a hip.

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