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September 25, 2011


Rob Oakeshott mounts huge toilet for water and sanitation campaign


(Thanks to funny man)


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He must really want to get elected! You couldn't pay me enough to have my picture taken like that although, if I remember correctly, Dave was in a similar pose on the cover of one of his books.
btw, if anyone wants to see what it looks like when you play football in a lake take a look at the Panthers vs. Jacksonville game now. If we get anymore rain I'm going to have lake front property.

Does this look familiar?

"He said some 8.1 billion child deaths could be prevented by adequate plumbing." Considering that there are only 7 billion people in the world now, this seems optimistic.

Finally a cause and a politician I can get behind.

As an experienced father and grandfather, I'd give even odds that if there are any children younger than 3 in that crowd, that toilet's already been used.

Moments after this photo, he was snatched by a giant anaconda that looked like Harry Reid, and pulled down into the sewers never to be heard of again. Until the next GOP debate.

A little too public toilet. Another politician produces another solid promise. S--t or get off the pot fella.

Is Mitt Romney giving up already?

Everybody sing along: (to the tune of the M,Haggard song:)

We don't believe in charging for a dump
We don't use drugs or go on a sexual hump
No one should be dying for a dunny*
Unless it means we gets all their money

I'm proud to be an Okieshott from Australia
Where political games can flail ya,
A place where every nut can have a bill
and Parliment toes it out the window sill...

And I'm proud to be an Okieshott from Australia,
Sanitation needs demand an even bigger toilet
and if our waste gets to be too much
we'll send it overseas to Joliet
As we have a Vodka shot to boot!!


You are sh!tting me.

cindy, at least Dave had the balls class guts to pull his pants down.

Apparently, it's the Number 2 problem in Australia.

Dave looks cuter on a toilet though.

So did he take a shott?

I don't care if it's gigantic, I refuse to wait on that long a line.

is oakeshott the past participle of something or other?

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