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September 23, 2011


Decorator turns baseball into world's largest ball of paint

(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson)


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The hidden truth....

Mrs. Carmichael: No, I don't think that's quite the shade I had in mind.

One hour later....

Mrs. Carmichael: Hmmmm .... it looks different than the label.

One hour later still.....

Mrs. Carmichael: I thought it wouldn't clash with the drapes, but....

Another hour later....

Mrs. Carmichael: Well, now that it's in daylight....

Meanie, we ladies do that so you guys can sit back in your recliners and notice how everything in the living room not only blends but also creates a certain nuance. You do notice the nuance don't you? Because if you don't maybe it's time to go curtain shopping again.

I did in fact notice the nuance, until it was painted over.

*triple snork* @ Meanie.

He's going to need a much bigger bat.


I can see I'm not the only person who has too much time on her hands...

If someone he doesn't like comes around he just gives them the brush off.

NC, watchu tawkin about new ants? I got no new ants. The old ants were just fine wit me.

NC, my wife once stumped me by asking what the curtains looked like in our bedroom. The ones that I had put up for her, that had been in out bedroom for seven years, and that I looked at every morning when I got out of bed.
I told her the truth.
I didn't know we had curtains.

Sorta like Joan Rivers make-up.

Important lesson kids: scrape, sand, and dust before re-coating. My daddy taught me well.

NC, of course I noticed the nuance. Don't the neighbors have one just like it?

Guys, it's gonna need another coat..winter's coming!

Mrs. Carmichael? Why wasn't she quoted in the article?

Has she....disappeared?

Is she...inside the giant paint ball?

(That's what TV crime dramas do, nuthin but increase you fears and mistrust....)--Snidely Whiplash, whsipering

I thought new aunces were replacement sconces.

Thats what the idiot at Home De*** told me, before they fired him.

funny man: You have to ask for wall scones.

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