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September 20, 2011


Remote control.

(Thanks to jon harris)


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So adorable. So naive.

Does this remind anyone else of the way the press covers the Kardashians?

cowz is tupid. but delish.

What where is the cowboy? It was funny though. I remember that song.

Very cute and I think the cows were having a good time. There's usually not a lot of entertainment in the pasture. I have to agree with Theresa. Where's the cowboy?

Said cowboy is probably waiting for his FL driver's license to arrive.

The IHDU, International Herding Dogs Union, protests.

This seemingly harmless "lark" is in fact deadly behavior modification.

What do you think will happen when someone drives a SMART car into that pasture? Wild cows will stomp the car into the dirt and eat the driver.


That herd reminds me of my munchkin order- 27 chocolates, one glazed and two sprinkled.

Herd of American voters?
Following something shiny.

Someone on that site "udderly nailed it" (no pun intended). Go to 2:02 and watch the cow(s) towards the upper right of the screen.

They had something more than an RC car in mind!

The image lasts for less than two seconds, but it is a classic.

My son bottle fed some Holstein steers which he then fed until they were ready for market. By the time they were grown I likened them to 1000 pound labradors. Every time they got out, which was a lot since they weren't too concerned about the electric fence they would run like the wind, and chase every animal they saw, especially our dog. You figure out pretty quick that chasing them is pointless, you just wait for them to run back your way.

That was cool, It' seems cow's love to chase anything out of curiosity or just plain dense. This is a breakthrough for cattle owners, an easier way for them to lead the herd at same time having a good laugh.

Wingnut, my g'father bought a steer to raise for slaughter. It followed him around his yard in Jacksonville like a puppy.
I can still remember this huge steer getting too close to Firestone Road. "Bozo, get back here!" and Bozo would come back.
Any guess on how Bozo tasted?
Beats me. When he got too much to handle, a deal was made with a dairy farm down the road and Bozo lived out his life with the ladies.

Maybe that remote control car was made out of salt? This is going to put Border Collies out of work.

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