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September 26, 2011


...where someone is stupid enough to walk towards a gator fight...and hang out a few feet away discussing the extent of the gators' injuries.

(Thanks to Larry Martell, unless it's already been blogged, in which case, thanks a LOT, Larry.)


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all our gators is in the sewers. nobody in ny is gonna go down there. so, i guess.................floriduh?

It has already been blogged, but a great video nonetheless. judi, don't fire yourself.

judi, you CAN, however, *SMACK* Larry...

I know I sent this in and I think it was blogged, but we don't blame you, Judi.

"Hi, I'm Gordon Solie and this week on Championship Wrestling from Florida..."

*totters up to the stage to accept Geezer of the Decade Award*

Now let's not be too hasty here. We are talking about Floriduh. It could have happened more than once.

I saw two suitcases go at it once on an airport baggage carousel. Man, was that scary !

jeff, do you watch "modern family"?

judi, critical nature issues like this DEMAND multiple bloggings, and I for one declare you to be UNfired!

I just returned from Florida. Arrived at the St. Pete/Clearwater airport. Nice, clean airport. Was in Tampa on the island. Neat. Was north of Daytona (Ormand Beach)...incredible time at the birthplace of speed, and was even in Fort Lauderdale (we're visisting family in all these places) and had wonderful time swimming in the ocean. I can't believe all these crazy stories about Floridians. But then again...I'm kinda mixed up myself........

We used to have gators in Wisconsin, until someone figured out you can deep-fry them on a stick. (mmmmmm, chewy AND crunchy.) That is a sure path to extinction up here, especially around State Fair time.

Causes me to reevaluate;
1)maybe golf is not as stupid a game as I thought,
B)golfers are lots more stupid than I thought,
iii) Darwin is way too slow.

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