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September 26, 2011


Thousands run in underwear to protest Utah¹ laws.

¹Come on, you know it could still be Florida.

(Thanks to many people wearing underwear.)


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Put it on! Another case of people, who really shouldn't, getting almost naked .

BYU. Bring Your Underwear.

And speaking of people you do NOT want to see undressed, San Francisco had a Nude-In.

'cuz this is more effective than, say, electing people not stuck in the 19th century, right?

Don't they wear special underwear in Utah?

Jeff, just had dinner, just performed the technicolor laugh.

nc, shoot I got holey underwear.

the picture looks like a bunch of uptighty whities

Back soon, folks .... I'm going out for a brief run.

Why can't these nudist protests be run by super models and Brad Pitt?


Actually they do. That is the truth. They get their special underwear from the Temple, for modesty.

I learned this from a Mormon.

that's sure to change their mind...

I didn't realize they had that many non-Mormons in Utah.

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