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September 22, 2011


West Virginia woman busted for allegedly stealing a hearse with dead body inside

(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson)

Update: More-entertaining version here.

(Thanks to Albert York)


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the grim reapress was probably a collector...of bodies!

According to the local paper. she lives in Beaver (snork), WV and was celebrating her birthday with her (female - NTTAWWT) significant other. There may have been some alcohol involved, but what a party! Makes me proud of my birth state, sniff.

She was charged with "...displacement of a body." As Aristotle said of the situation, "You reeka!"

Grand Theft Parsons, one of my favorite movies

Florida, the bar has been raised.

That second one was definitely Headline of the Week (so far) and, amazingly, did not take place in Florida.

Honorary FL drivers licence to her. Maybe she needed a date?

A hearse is a hearse is a hearse of cearse. Nope, won't work with the Mr. Ed theme song.

hey can we do something about the anorexic women in the ad to the right? somebody order up some pizza or something. damn.

Did anybody notice the following in the comments:

"I swear I am not making this up."

Dave Barry

What do you do for an encore... steal a cab with Cher in the back seat...?

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