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September 23, 2011


...we're going to the Museum of Insurance!

(Thanks to jon harris)


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We're sorry, but we cannot process your admission at this time.

Does it have a gift shop?

Term or whole admission?

You have to wait transfer between 5 different waiting rooms before being allowed in...

I wonder what they pay in premiums for insurance ? More than the dead squirrel museum ?

You could count me out on this one. Sounds like too much excitement and I couldn't take it all.

Do they have talking ducks and geckos?

I'd rather go to the Farmers' Insurance Agent University like in the ads--a lot more fun stuff going on there!

...i'm at a loss...

I tried to get in, but I was turned down.

We regret to announce that the Museum has been permanently closed due to fire. Further admission is hereby cancelled, and any pre-paid admission fees will be forfeited. If you wish to dispute this action, please file a complaint in writing thirty seconds ago to our Customer Alienation Center, located at 101 Indeterminate Drive, Suite 0, Limbo WA 10101-0101.

This home page makes about as much sense as the fine print on your average policy or your average GEICO commercial.

well, i'll be.........indemnified.


some claim to fame

No mention of Crimson Permanent Assurance?

Famous Insurance Criminals - Health Insurance Piracies

And it's pronounced " IN-surance " .

Oops, I accidentally wrecked their site.
Hope they're covered.

Woah, Dad! We can't leave till we see the exhibit of Obsolete Insurance Currency!!


Where is the talking gekko? Where is the Ghost "Riders" of the Old west Contracts Exhibit?

Museum, Schmoozeum. I've seen more fun exhibits at my local "juco"...iykwim.

Get in the car, kids, we're going to ActuaryLand!

Dad, remember last year? It's not as much fun as you claim, and you had to pay a 20% deductible when we left early.

They just aren't very consumer friendly.

In the new section, Lloyd's of London has photos of
some of the elaborate "items"--includng celebrity body parts--they have insured. But no photos of the
photos!!! They confiscated my camera!!!

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