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September 28, 2011


One of the world's largest motor manufacturers is working with scientists based in Switzerland to design a car that can read its driver's mind and predict his or her next move.

(Thanks to oldfatguy)


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what could possibly go wrong?

seriously, do these people not watch any science fiction movies?

Yesterday I told a truck driver he was #1 iykwim. Maybe it's better that my car can't read my mind. In my defense he shouldn't have honked his stupid horn at me.

What I am worried about is too many drivers who leave their mind at home when they get behind the wheel of a car. Will this thing then be unable to find out what to do and just drive off a cliff?

I live near LA-LA Land. They've obviously been prototyping this concept here for years.

My current robo-car of the week: I passed a guy was driving at freeway speeds, reading the paper, and shaving, all at the same time! I wasn't close enough to see if he was talking on his cellphone, but the odds tend to favor it.

Wanna-be starlets applying makeup whilst driving? *yawn* That's just part of the landscape.


I believe they are developing cars that are hardwired not to tailgate. It would be a wonderful thing not to have steroidal SUVs screaming up behind you in the middle lane and flashing their lights because you're only going 70.

"There's a donut shop in a quarter mile and she's gonna try for it. Lock the steering wheel now!"

If they do start selling this it will have to have a shutoff device that kicks in at the Florida border. Otherwise the mayhem will be even worse than it is now.

Uh oh, NC

Then I had better clean up my thoughts about other drivers.

SNORK @ NotSherly!

Nissan: "Hold mah beer and watch this."

I am convinced that I am the only one on the road smart enough to drive. I tell the other drivers that, with great regularity and gesticulation.
I don't include the other contributors to this blog, of course.

But if the car is foreign-made, will it be able to understand the driver who is thinking in english?

So I'm driving home and see this hot girl with long boots and I start thinking about pole dancing and Sarah Palin...

nc, you need a pair of these. Will save you tons of handwork.

Depending on preference (NTTAWWT) any of the pictured would lead to vehicular manslaughter.

What will be cool is when you can control the other person's car with your thoughts.

Let's see - I can see it now - two women driving side by side - yes, that should work real well.

Thanks Loudmouth but I think I'll pass. After I waved my finger yesterday I got stuck next to the truck driver at a stoplight and he, of course, opened his window and started talking to me. I think I'm going to try to behave for a while. I will say he was nice and apologized for scaring me with his horn.

NC: He wasn't talking, he was "hitting on you" :)
We're guys, we're often not very subtle....

This could open a whole new field for car psychologists.

sounds kinda autoerotic

I'm all for this. As a computer person who sometimes has to dig up records from databases for injury lawyers, I see a whole new set of databases containing the thoughts of drivers right before they crash. Which means employment for me.

"Sir, why where you picturing Sara Palin pole dancing as the computer records indicate just before you maimed my client ????" (faceless lawyer).

*Snork!* @ sandy

NC, that truck driver proves that we Southerners live in a blessed land. It goes from the Potomac to the Rio Grand.

My car's "emissions control module" (=really expensive piece of garbage that only the dealer can fix) is making two out of six cylinders misfire and is possibly trying to kill me with exhaust fumes in the process. Now we want to let computers help us drive the car? Yeah, nothing could go wrong with this.

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