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September 22, 2011


“I'd warn anyone who's in a relationship with a dolphin. You have to plan an exit strategy,” says Mr Brenner.

(Thanks to Unholy Slacker)


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When Mr Brenner went to college, where he's majoring in Animal Husbandry...

any marine biologists out there want to comment on the logistics of this?

I'm guessing that, other than the dolphin, he's single.

What guy wouldn't want a date with a girl with a blow hole?

...flag is thrown at Layzeeboy.....checking rulebook for incredibly bad, disgusting, funny comment......

Sheep are more versatile. You can cut off their fur and make clothes out of it.

*SMACKS* Layzeeboy with flag.

I believe in the Carl Haiisen historical novel "Tourist Season", there is a description of such an incident.

So, what's the porpoise of the article?

"you have to plan an exit strategy"....

Otherwise the dolphin will move in with you, insist on a heated aquarium, and expect all (small) fish she can eat....

and you better not cheat on her! She knows some real nasty sharks and a few piranha...

1 in 6 men and 1 in 7 women have had sex with an animal? I will admit that my standards have sometimes gone pretty low after a long weekend of drinking, but still.

The wonderful thing about the internet is that you can find instructions for beginners.

Gaaaaaaaaag. Oh, and you know it smelled fishy.

Why wasn't this a guess the state quiz?!

My girlfriend's (now wife for 38 years) pervert of a dog humped my leg every chance he got. I hated that dog, partly because there were indicators that he had me outsmarted a time or two.
Does that count as sexual contact? If it does, that figure needs to go way up.

If you want to end your relationship with a dolphin, all you have to do is Flipper off.


What was right with it is that the dolphin initiated the whole sexual thing. As I mentioned, she was in isolation - she'd be using me to satisfy her sexual needs.

So...as usual it was the woman's fault?

Not creepy at all!

Someone, somewhere is probably eagerly awaiting the sequel ..."Ewe are my Mistress"

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