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September 28, 2011


...and The Blog is away. So the experienced among you already know if you want to click this link.

(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson)


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Now we're talking! Thanks judi! I call dibs on Zack-January btw.

The wiener dog is nice.

Sort of.

Something tells me I should be happy the nanny bot blocked me.

January looks interesting!

Where's the Irish farmer to put a stop to this?

Well, I clicked anyway.
One of the few times a Dave Barry link has failed to hold my interest.

If they're are in circulation I'd like to check them out.


I knew you'd appreciate it, cindy - I mean, being a reader and all. (Same goes for Judi, of course.)

Thank you too, Jeff. Now if y'all will excuse me I'm going to NYC to ride a bicycle and smell rainbows (his words not mine) with Zack/January.

Hello, Mr. January! I have a bookshelf for that book...... *wink*

If anybody needs me, I'll be at the library.

I'll take the weiner.

snork @ sandy

This just proves how really weird they are

Oh, phew! I was afraid it was a picture of Mary Banilow.

Uh Girls, they are gay you know! NTTIAWWT

@Glocke380: are you saying they're cross-referenced?

Steve: you forgot to notice this was a judi link.

I clicked on the link without reading "WARNING: DO NOT OPEN AT WORK, OIYDWYMTTY(NY)G". :(

It will take time to get the first image out of my head. I'm glad Octoberfest in the Gables starts tomorrow. That should help.

Cancel my subscription. Unless these men are faster than a cow when dropped from a helicopter.

January January January!!!! He is HOT!

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