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September 30, 2011


Temporary marriage licenses.

(Thanks to Bob Brogan)


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( Jeopardy Theme music ) plays until marriage ends.

I read something similar to that once that would limit it to 7 years. Some people would probably love 2 year. They would just keep on changing people. I don't see how you could label it a commitment let alone a marriage.

Don't ask, don't stay.

What do they need these for? All marriage licenses are temporary. Although some sort of "Use by" dating would be helpful.

just boink like there is no tomorrow. that is all.

oh, and just shoot me now.

Next- birth certificates with an expiration date

I thought they already had this in California.

45 lo-o-o-n-g wunnerful years of wedded bliss too late.

I wish they had that in Florida last December. I made it a whopping 7 months this time. The 3rd time is definitely NOT the charm, even if I knew the rat for 45 years.

I'm moving to Mexico.

Hmmmm. Free agency. What's my bid?

Won't work here. The American attention span isn't that long.

Actually, maybe a marriage learners permit isn't a half-bad idea.

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