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September 20, 2011


Somebody is finally doing something about those hateful little ketchup packets

(Thanks to Peter Metrinko)


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'Dip and Squeeze' WBAGNFA dominatrix...

Can they make an easy open condom package?

no, layzee - just condom-ents

*wonders if they need to be refrigerated*

Sandy, Dave will be the first to tell you that NO ketchup needs to be refrigerated.

even an opened bottle????????
i hope the dip n squeeze will expand to BBQ sauces, aand stuff for wings, and...

uh-oh: cindy 'opened the door'.....

'Close the door! I'm dressing!'
- the mayonnaise

Key Quote From Researcher: "I wasn't going to use my car—too messy," he says.

Too many ketchup packets already smushed into the carpeting and wedged in between the seats.

Oh, hallelujah. We are saved. Meh. I don't know about anyone else, but I'm more likely to just buy the fries and forget the ketchup, not forgo the fries because of the ketchup. Who doesn't buy fries because the packet is sloppy?

Without dried ketchup in every nook and cranny in America's minivans, there will be NOTHING to hold them together. We are doomed.

Heinz believes traditional ketchup packets are so annoying that they stop people from ordering fries at drive-thrus. "Fry inclusion orders" at drive-thrus "have been going down for years," says John Bennett ...

Really? Do enough people even want ketchup on their fries that this explains the drop?

Ketchup packets suck. I make homemade ketchup and I do refrigerate it. Of course, it contains no preservatives.

"As the name promises, 'Dip and Squeeze' ketchup can be squeezed out through one end or the lid can be peeled back for dipping."

Then shouldn't it be "Dip OR Squeeze"?

This is what happens when workers are sent to expensive "creativity" seminars.

Coconuts, I just don't eat the stuff much, but making my own does sound intriguing.

Isn't Dip and Squeeze the new circuit court in New York?

All is well with the new Dip n' Squeeze Ketchup packet. Make's it more easy and little less messy. I just love ketchup on almost everything even on fried eggs.

i gotta stick w bbq sauce. ketchup is so..........boring.

I use my homemade ketchup in my homemade bbq sauce, qb. Obviously, I have way too much time on my hands.

The little packets have entertainment value -- I think of the time a coworker dropped one just after tearing the corner and caught it by clapping her hands together. She wound up taking the afternoon off vs trying to explain the splatters the rest of the day. Those not accessorized with ketchup had a goodlaugh.

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