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September 26, 2011


A weary world rejoices.

(Thanks to Mark Schlesinger)


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kids today have no idea how good they have it. when I was young we had to make our snowmen with out own hands, and we had to get tramp through the snow to do it. none of these new fangled electric snowman machines for us.

Phew! The latest crisis averted. Okay, Winter, we're ready for you now.

Interesting, but where are they going to get snow now that Anthropogenic Global Sapiogenic Galactic Warming has made winter snow a thing of the past?

I suppose they could just pay Al Gore to come by and preach about the dangers of the warming climate; that usually works.

Hmm... wet snow snow and exposed electrically charged surfaces. That might be entertaining.

So if this goes through and someone invents the " snowball ", they'll get sued...?

That's not a Snow Man/Woman, Dave, that's a snow couple making littie snow cones IYKWIM.

This is patently absurd!

If this patent is granted, then technically allyour snowmen are belong to us?

Alas, poor Frosty, I knew him well...
(But he had a cold, cold heart)

Hey, look! A snow-fish! Oh, nevermind. It's only a tuna-melt.

We are not about to open an unknown PDF. That's how Charlie Sheen got that way.

Does it work for transgender snowpersons, or is it another excuse for DADT? We need some federal rules about this before it becomes an election issue.

His chances in Hell remain remote.

Hi All!!!

Thanks for all the positive feedback. I am glad people are out there having fun with this.

Seriously, the patent is described in humorous detail. I invite you to read it. Its designed to be entertaining.

But more than that there is a real invention here. Its an example of good ol american ingenuity and creativity. This is what makes us great.

Have fun out there!!!

Peace out,

Oh THAT is how you do it!

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