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September 22, 2011


A local town council in central Turkey has built a morgue with a warning system in case dead bodies come back to life.

(Thanks to Mark Schlesinger)


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That would be better than having a bell tied around your toe running up through the ground I guess.
Personally I want them to be really, really sure before they put me in the ground. Really sure, really

How often does this happen over there that they decided they needed a system?? Maybe their docs need better training. *Reminds self to not be unconscious in Turkey*

When I first started working in the ER we had a patient die after a heart attack. I noticed his watch was still running. I told the ER doctor that when someone died their watch should stop too. He said that sounded like a good idea but a lot of un-dead people might freak out if they looked down and saw their watches had suddenly stopped.

I saw ZOMBIELAND. This early warning device could save the human race when the zombies rise up (physically and metaphorically).

This is Turkey, which is rather close to Romania. My guess is they're looking for vampires. :D

We should so get this system here.

Why not. The world needs a few zombies.

If it is commonplace for the dead to come back to life in Turkish morgues, I am cashing in all my frequent flyer miles and taking Mom there immediately.

The warning system should say: "NOPE! Chuck Testa!"

Patent infringement?

Hang in there Minx. You are in my prayers.

Is the warning device a wetness sensor for the watchman's pants?

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