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September 22, 2011


Man Threatened Taco Bell Employee with Shotgun after Forgetting Hot Sauce

(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson, Jeffrey Brown and Chris Elzi)


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Once again, the oldfatguy is too old, too fat and too slow. I sent this in this morning but got beat to the punch. Oh well. as long as this heart warming story gets shared, that is what motivates me. hhahahahah

Thanks to oldfatguy. Better, ofg? Jeff Meyerson A certain blogger was in Missouri last week. Coincidence?

Thank you NC, now maybe I can make it through the day.

He was probably looking to shoot the guy who writes the "humorous" comments for the packaging of the sauces.

As a former "Employee of the Month" at Taco Bell (June, 1977) I can equivocally state that their hot sauce isn't really hot and not worth shooting over.

Fire sauce isn't bad.

Falling Stupid.

do you suppose alcohol was involved? and is he single? but where's the squirrel?

mudstuffin --
I would say where the squirrel comes in to play, but I fear the libel lawyers that watch, wait and pounce.

cindy, we did not frequent any fast food places in Missouri, honest.

I agree with Loudmouth on the 'Fire' sauce.

It sounds like he got a little too hot over hot sauce.

I'm just glad the police managed to make an arrest. If you cannot keep an order straight with all the computer receipts and picture help cards in a modern fast food restaurant, you should be arrested. What, you mean they didn't arrest the Taco Bell employee, oh what is this world coming to.

He wanted the buckshot burrito with a slug of guacamole and a shot of salsa.

I live in KC. My roommate LOVES Taco Hell Bell. His mug shots look different, though.

Idiot got caught. He should have run for the border.

You wonder what is this recurring connection with fast food and use of firearms. Maybe that's the real fast food potential harm--eat that junk and it removes some serious brain wattage that tells you when things make noooooo sense and maybe you should stop and reconsider shooting up some high school kid making $6.50 an hour.

I thought those picture things were just for our local Taco Bell, where the help can't speak English, so I doubt they can read it either.

I joined the Foreign Legion to forget hot sauce. And Taco Bell.

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