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September 28, 2011


"Toe Suck Fairy" arrested on new charges

(Thanks to Don Faber)


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Toe Suck Fairy = Fiasco Turkey
or better yet, Freaky Coitus

A woman let him take off her sock and shoe? Hey grandma! Next time use that foot for kicking.

Nice South Pacific Atol With Millions of Hungry Crabs would seem like a good place to send such people.

maybe, in a past life, he was one of those little spa fishes that eat the dead skin off your feet?

Is there a problem, officer?

Can you imagine wanting to cut off someones feet.

Look, if you find what works for you...
Ladies, bet he's single.

Toe Suck Fairy = Fruitcakes, yo!
(Or as La Cubana might say, ¡Soy fruitcake!)

I hope he develops a bad case of athlete's tongue.

OH, that reminds me, I need a pedicure.

I just re-read this story. It still leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

betcha he likes alittle jam on his toest

Oops I thought it was about this Link text

Hope I did that right.

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