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September 26, 2011



(Thanks to Loudmouth, Jeff Meyerson, Mark Schlesinger, Oldfatguy and cyberick)


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"Since they have no predators, piranhas have started attacking people on the beach."

So wear waders or cowboy chaps.

And enjoy the day.


Tilapia slippers might help.

Piranhas on the beach. OMG. I once had a baby piranha in my fish tank. Cute teeth. My cats wanted him.

Let's hope this is soon to be a SyFy Netowrk movie of the week starring Tiffany and her big American breasts.

I dunno. I've always found tilapia to be rather bland. What makes them think this is gonna work?

just brazilians

so unshaven beavers are safe ;)

just brazilians

so unshaven beavers are safe ;)

But Brazil nuts are in trouble.

Bitin' the Brazilians. A new porn reality show?

Now...remind me again, how many's in a brazilian?

Actually that is how one gets a Brazilian Bikini wax.



i have to question the "over population" comment. I would venture to guess that one was at least one over preferred population of this fish?. Also I am concerned about them attacking people on the beach. Evolution?

Chuck Testa!

MikeyVA !!

That was sposed to read Snork!!

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