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August 27, 2011


Man drops crack from pants, eats it in front of officers

(Thanks to Loudmouth)


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Isn't it normally that the pants are dropped from the crack?

Nice to see everyone again. Irene may be at the coast but her wind is here and is playing havoc with our electricity and internet. Would some of you guys in New Jersey or New York see if you can catch the Weather Channel guy Mike Seidel? I think Irene blew him up that way. As for this guy, he's an idiot. Stay safe everyone.

CINDY!! Hunker and gird! We are getting torrential rain in Boston already, and they say it's still SOUTH of Norfolk. I have a bad feeling about this.

Guin - please see the previous post - it is gird THEN hunker.

Don't confuse me. I'm still trying to batten!

I was okay until my internet went out. I'm girding, hunkering, and hanging on. It is very breezy here. Stay safe Guin.

Do they have proof that it was crack? I think not.

I saw Mike Seidel blowing away from Nag's Head, cindy. Will try and nab him if he passes by my window.

Is Mike the guy up to his knees in sand, and leaning 80 degrees to starboard?

The bloggettes would probably like to grid up with a hunk. At least it sounds dirty.

It's just raining in DC. We need a Hurriquake.

That was him Betsy. I hope he gets a large paycheck with good medical benefits. I wouldn't mind girding up with a hunk, Loudmouth. I'm not sure what that would entail but it sounds nice. Since I didn't have a hunk here I had to knit since my internet was off. I finished half of my Christmas presents. Nervous energy can be a good thing.

Just saw a whole bunch of goobers driving around Virginia Beach behind the Westher Channel guy who was three sheets to starboard.

People are nuts.

A number of years ago we had a couple of days in VA Beach and had to leave early due to a hurricane coming in. It was pretty neat to stand on the balcony watching the Atlantic Fleet run out to sea. If it had not been for the kids and wife I would have stayed like a goober.

I lived in Hampton, VA for about 5 years and fortunately we never had a hurricane while I was there. I'm surprised at all the people walking, cycling, and driving around in a hurricane. I look at them as Darwin Award Contestants.

We haven't had a hurricane take this track in NH since 1938, and the blowdown from that one was still evident 30 years later.

I spent the day helping neighbors secure boats, lawn furniture, etc. but it's amazing how many people are doing nothing. When I tell them to do something simple like make ice they seem to think I'm overreacting. We may lose power, phone, internet, etc. for days, but it's a weekend so people think it's time to mow the lawn rather than gird their hunkers.

The answer, my friend, is blowin' in the wind....

I thought it was powder cocaine that you tooted.

I'm proud to say that my crack always stays firmly in my pants, although it may be enhanced with Monkey Butt powder from time to time.

This rock candy tastes like crap.

The blow is almost over here.

Ack! The spammers have learned how to copy and paste!!

It is a dark and stormy morning in Bahstan. Rain and wind, and will apparently worsen as the day goes on.

We bought a pump for the basement, but of course it won't do much good if the power goes out.

Stay safe Guin.

Thanks for the local reportage, Guin. My son works in Framingham (but lives here in Chicago - one of those 'new economy' jobs). He's here this weekend visiting wife/kids/dog, and we're rejoicing that he's stranded an extra day or two with us'n's, instead of battening and girding with y'all.
Take care, and [here's a reference for the far reaches of the geezer bus]: tether your elephants.


Blew over my garden gnome!!!!! Alert the press!

Otherwise just raining here ner Dulles Airport.

Hope you guys on the shore are OK.

Oh Gnome!!

Still have the lights on, not much else going on at the moment. Basement's a bit watery but not too bad.

So are you suffering from a-gnomie???

Seriously...take care!

I usually have a 'Good Morning' email from the Jeff Meyerson's but none this morning. They live in Brooklyn, NY so I hope everything is okay with them.
Has FEMA arrived to help you with your gnome yet Mikey? Again, I hope everyone is okay. Just remember how those of us in N.C. tried to slow Irene down for you. You're welcome.

Just heard from the Meyerson's and they are okay. Now I can go back to worrying about Snooki.

We're fine, cindy. (I see the spammer picked you to copy.) A lot of wind & rain overnight but it was more like your typical nor'easter to me than a typical hurricane, especially the way it hugged the coastline.

We have water and electricity so we're good.

I just noticed the spammer picked on me. I hope he realizes my comment was copyrighted and he owes me big now. *STABS spammer with my knitting needle*. btw, I don't usually mention my passion for knitting because then people think you're a little old lady in a rocking chair. I don't have a rocking chair. I've also been knitting and crocheting since I was 12 years old. So about 17 years now!

So NC you may not be old but you're crotchet-y?

Oh, the gnomanity. The worst we had was a whimpering dog.

I am applying for FEMA reimbursement for pain and suffering. Seeing the gnome on his side, well, it was too awful to describe!

Guin, glad to hear that you are OK!

Jeff! Good to hear that you are OK. My gnome trauma may last a couple of minutes. First an earthquake that nearly make me slosh my tea, and now the gnome! It is the appoco...apocoh... Snooki.

I am very disappointed with the aftermath news coverage. If you're going to put a blindingly hot reporter on a sunny beach interviewing about nearly non-existant damage, at least make her wear a bikini.

I think for the benefit of those guys here who were traumatized by this storm, she should report naked.

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