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August 22, 2011


A Russian airport official used his position to smuggle a beehive aboard a commercial flight at the airport in the Blagoveshchensk province, and stowed the insects in a coat locker in business class.

(Thanks to funny man)


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The beehive in this case was smuggled in but what about if you had it and got searched and it was found. That could be interesting indeed.

"Stewardess, can I have some bees too?" a lowly passenger asks.

"Nyet. It is a perk for business class only. You are
in poor section".

As you can guess, complaining does no good. And remember, if they are annoyed by your complaining,
they may execute...you!

" Hoo boy ! Next time Natasha ask for honey, Boris go-ink to grocery store. "

Free honey for all comrades!

Just curious if anyone saw the TSA spoof on Saturday Night Live this weekend? Very funny. As for the bees in business class, this is exactly why I always fly coach.

In Soviet Russia, bees fly YOU.

Comrades Beehiving Badly.

The Beehivik Revolutionin the making.

What would be worse, snakes on a plane or an agitated hive of bees?

If they were in a one-quart resealable bag, I don't see the problem...

Since I am deathly allergic to bee stings, this scares the carp outta me.

But then again it is Russia.

Bees are the last true communists in Russia; it's no wonder that the unnamed Moscow officials in first class wanted to commit insecticide.

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