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August 21, 2011


Andrew Lancaster has taken the art of skinning, preserving and stuffing dead animals one step further.


(Thanks to Joe in Japan)


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Because young children don't have enough nightmares.

We only thought the Justin Bieber cut out would be the creepiest thing we saw today.

Really, truly, seriously creepy.

Someone needs to kick this guy's door in, search his house top to bottom and lock him up. If he's not keeping hostages in his basement to eat later my radar is way off.


Baby-faced Chupacabra?

Ratbite, Cheese- I was just about to make a chupacabra joke, but you got in there first...

um, waaaay too creepy. that just is so wrong.

Future Sunday Morning Talk Show host...?

A new member of The View ?

Oh great, Norman Bates is back.

*Wingnut, you are spot on*. And after the search, it would be tragic if the gas heater and his little animals all sort of went whoomp.

Barbiebear will be next.

After further review, I'd be interested in a beaver with Kim Kardashian's face.

Well, _my_ Christmas shopping has just gotten a lot easier....

WRONG! on SO many levels!

Actually, I'd like to see what he could do with the Kardashians...

This would be great for that impossible-to-shop-for man who has everything.

Thanks, Ralph.

They remind me both of Cabella's and the Outdoor Bass Pro Shop, both hunters/sportsman/outdoors retailers.


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