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August 30, 2011


A traveller at a Bermuda airport last week was tired of being strip-searched -- so she took all her clothes off right there in line.

(Thanks to The Perts)


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Sorry blog guys. There are no pictures in that article.

What do you mean, "a Bermuda airport"? There is only one!

Hmmm, the internet top-level domain for Bermuda is .bm


Sadly, though I checked many, many other sources, none of them had a picture of Ms. Phillips, dressed or naked.

She decided to make a clean breast of it

Well, the article answered my question she was arrested for indecent exposure. Go figure.

Did they still grope her? Bermuda no shorts.

"Don't go through customs"? Does that mean the court wants people to smuggle themselves in and out of the country?

NMUA--exactly what I was wondering! So, she can either never come home, smuggle herself in, or subject herself to strip searches. I'm not sure that she did anything wrong--she just saved their equivalent of TSA officers a couple of steps.

Now that's what I call a bon mot, Mot. ;)

Mind photo: Naked woman on one side of the walk-through, throwing undies, bra, shorts, shoes, shirt... through walk-through. No beeping? She's good then. Well, unless she's the kinky type who hides things, er, um, well, you know...

marebear, she just zipped herself ino a one-quart resealable bag, done deal!!!

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