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August 29, 2011


Woman arrested at LAX for allegedly smuggling birds taped to her body

(Thanks to klezmerphan)


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Another Hooters girl running afowl of the law.

I could have maybe made that a little funnier but I figured it was kind of a race to get the first Hooters joke in.

Do these smuggling idiots just not know about TSA searches?

Good to know TSA gropers know a boob from a bird.

Was the one taped to her chest a blue tit?

Wrapped up in a sock and stuffed under someone's armpit was probably more comfortable than most of the seats in tourist class.

TSA officials probably know that most women don't chirp down there when they walk. Unless they're wearing corduroy pants. Congratulations on the classiness Dave.

I hate to think where it nested. (Or maybe I don't .....)

Ummm, cindy? "Most" women don't chirp down there? Is there a condition that I could look up on WebMD?

padraig, look up tinnitus. Because if you hear a woman chirping down there chances are that's what you've got.

SNORK @ cindy! And I hope they tacked on a cruelty to animals charge, too. Those couldn't be happy birds with their feathers (almost wrote fathers) taped up. Then again, if they were teenage birds, they would probably LOVE seeing their fathers taped up.

Another ornithological outrage.

OK, lemmesee, tin, tinni, tinnitus... hey WAIT a second.....!?

Woooo hoooo I got posted!

Hot damn!

Now gonna buy one of them lottery-ticket thingies!

MOM, Mot stole my tit joke.

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