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August 29, 2011


Zimbabwe's male MPs to be circumcised

(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson)


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Next stop: Washington.

I guess this is one time you don't wanna make the cut.

A day to re-member.

Good job. Here's a tip.

Wouldn't it be less painful and just as effective if they all wore condoms? I have a feeling the number of job applicants has dropped considerably.

What "research" were they referring to? It's Zimbabwe,
so might it have been "The tea leaves say so"?

Seriously, circumcision to stop HIV? Are they serious?

And it does seem a bit sexist.

The bad part is the machete they use for the operation.


Funny man . . . tea leaves? Sexism bothers you, but not racial stereotyping?

Also, female circumcision isn't the equivalent of male circumcision. It's a cruel, horrible procedure that often leaves permanent damage. (I'm not saying male circumcision is fun, of course. But the female variety is FAR worse.)


Sorry to go all humorless on everybody. But the subject bothers me.

I'm with you, Renee. The scary thing about the suggestion is that there ARE places where it happens - and it's mutilation with the aim of making sex intensely painful for women so they "remain pure" for their men. Shar'ia law, anyone?

Jeff - now that's funny...and entirely possible.

agree renee. absolutely!

It's serious business. After I had mine done I couldn't walk for a year.

Har, Lazyee!!

I wonder if San Fran will invite them over ? (city was going to outlaw circumcision). I've always thought there were certain hygenic advantages to male circumcision, many of which have gone the wayside due to regular bathing. But does the rest of the world get to bathe as often as we ? I'm not a doctor but I do work for a hospital....in IS.

Actually it has been widely noted through a number of medical studies that the rate of HIV infection is much smaller if the male is circumcised. This isn't tea leaves or local folklore. Here is the CDC page listing the studies.


funny man, there are studies that suggest that circumcision drastically lowers the rate of female to male AIDS transmission. Probably, cause it, so to speak, leaves a smaller target for the virus to contact.

Looks like they have the same problems with over-sexed politicians that we do. What it is about politics that attracts these guys? What is it about these guys that attracts women to them?

The President of South Africa, during a trial where he was accused of rape, stated that he knew the woman was HIV positive but he had a shower afterwards so he was safe. ISIANMTU. There's a cartoonist for a daily newspaper here in Johannesburg who constantly gets into trouble for drawing the president with a shower head attached to his head. Believing that circumcision reduces the risk of HIV infection is par for the course.

Another belief is that sex with a virgin can cure AIDS so we have the highest rate of child rape in the world. Sometimes I'm not proud to be South African.

(((((Mot))))) You're one of the good ones, my friend.

Mot, again there are SCIENTIFIC studies saying such. The results may be disputed, but it is a far cry from showers prevent AIDS.

Elon, that may be but condoms and abstinence are still the best preventatives. There's no adequate sex education in the schools and to top it all the government awards child grants to the indigent. There are kids encouraged to get pregnant by parents trying to get their hands on the pittance.

Since the demise of Apartheid almost nothing has changed for millions living in shacks, there is rampant corruption, nepotism, cronyism amongst the ruling party and almost no service delivery for the shack dwellers who continue to vote for the ANC in the belief that voting against the people who "liberated" them is treasonous. Dave saw much of this first hand during his visit to South Africa during the World Cup last year.

Things are bad amongst the poor in SA but a 100 times worse in Zim. Forcing a few fat, lazy and corrupt cabinet ministers to be circumcised is not going to solve the problem

but it would be entertaining. i nominate nurse tammy to perform the procedure, her choice of instruments...

Circumcision for fun and games: you just can't beat it.

This could be a great way to rein in misbehavior. The first cut was bad enough. Toe the line or risk the second cut.

I had a fellow come into the ER one night who had undergone a circumcision earlier that day. One of the side effects that can occur after a surgery like this is a priapism. His little soldier had been at attention for around 4 hours and he was in a lot of pain. I guess it was pulling on the stitches and surgical area. Right before I gave him some I.V. Valium he told me that he had always wished for something like that but would never do so again. Now if there are any blog guys still conscious you'll have to excuse me. I have to go UNFRIEND mudstuffin on Facebook since he wont let me do his circumcision. Also (((Mot))) You are definitely one of the good ones.

mud, that's the best idea you've had in a long time. Tammy SO needs the relaxation. :D (Cindy, I'm sure she'll need a second pair of hands (not Clean). :D

That's true Diva. I'll ask Siouxie if I can borrow her machete. Just in case.

If that's how they want to deal with it, it's no skin off my back.

I stand corrected. And keep that machete away!

PS I did not bring up racial stereotypes as the article said nothing. I did rely on perceived educational disparity in making my comment, and if I offended anyone, I apologize.

funny man don't worry about it. I didn't think it was offensive!

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