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August 30, 2011


You will be stunned to learn that alcohol may have been involved, as well as a motorist named "Ploof."

(Thanks to the Stealth Bloggerette)


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Drunk and not wearing a seatbelt, with only minor injuries. I've read too many accounts of these idiots. Doesn't seem fair.....when they often kill other people. *ends serious thoughts*

I'm shocked that alcohol was involved! I wonder how he explained this accident to his car insurance company.

Police said they doubted the house would be inhabitable again.

Do they mean "inhabitable" or "habitable"?

I've seen definitions that seem to suggest they mean the same thing.

How does one get the name Ploof? If we just take out the l we have Poof. A magical name only a magician could love. There are times that I'd like to be a magician.

Poof will be his prison nickname. First person, Ploof imperfect. Maybe he was trying this.

DWI - jello shots?

the Ploof was in the pudding

As long as the house is going to be torn down anyway, would it be wrong to remove the family's possessions and try to reconstruct the accident with another car that has a camera?

Yesterday's article said it was a two-story house; now the car only launched 10-15 feet and landed in the attic, meaning it was only a single story. Which is it?

NMUA, I'd kind of like to see that myself!


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