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August 31, 2011


Woman arrested after throwing flip-flop at husband's crotch

(Thanks to Allen at Division)


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Florida Flap--Floozie Finally Flings Flip-Flop

Is she Cuban? That's the typical Cuban method of discipline. We throw the chancleta and you'd better DUCK.

Good one Allen! He had her arrested for throwing a flip flop at him? Was the flip flop made out of a brick? When he got him I would call the police first and then throw a stiletto heel at him.

Siouxie--How about instead I never make you mad at me?

Allen...you are a very smart man ;)

Seriously, cindy. What a wuss. A flip flop?? Battery?

Flinging thong flung at wong

Wait, was there a foot encased in the flip flop?

This was probably in Vermont, where all the people isolated by the flooding from Irene are getting a bit stir crazy.

Geech, coulda been a steel-toed boot...now that would hurt.

Unheard Jimmy Buffet lyrics,

I blew out my flip-flop
Stepped on a pop-top
smashed in the penis
Her name was Venus.

Ah, young love.

A flip-flop? Hell, if it'd been me, I'd have gone with a cast-iron skillet. In for a penny (loafer), in for a pound!

The thong has landed, but the memory lingers on.

Probably her idea of foreplay.

Wussy wuss wuss wussy. Unless it was a stiletto heel flip flop and landed spike first drawing blood and puncturing his sack, the guy is a shameless jackass.

I just reread my first comment. Please him and add home. I type faster than I can think sometimes. Also, I never thought I'd say this but, I agree with Loudmouth.

she hit him in the d!ck. that's all the poleece need. if she had hit him in the head, maybe they would have ignored it. but in the wingwang, nope, off to the pokey you go.

Now, now, cindy. Flip-flip throwing is major a gateway crime. For instance, in this case, when she finally gets out of jail, she'll probably escalate it to felony battery or murder.

Guess the state? If it had been a Mukluk, then I know it would have been in Canada.

Good Lord ! How big was that flip flop ??? Was she an amazon ?? I know if Mr. Telecom ever threw one of his sandals at me, I would be in a world of hurt.
(size 14's)

You're a lucky woman Telecom.

*snork* at Cindy. Psst, Telecom, is the conventional wisdom true? Just curious.

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