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August 09, 2011


Unfortunately, our strict policy prohibits us from bringing you the News from Britain.

(Thanks to Bill Jones)


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Mr. Cumming needs to write a how to manual for guys. I guarantee the royalties would more than pay for his kids support. And a visit to the spay/neuter clinic.

i guess 'sperm coaxing' is not one of his short cummings

I hope the Daily Mail realizes this article is absolutely going to ruin his chances with other clueless women.

The name is funny, but the story is just not funny. He has produced 15 innocent children who all have a worthless father. As a social worker who works with troubled boys, I can tell you that each of these kids is high risk to be on drugs, in jail, on welfare, or worse.
/steps off soapbox

English girls must be very near sighted or even less attractive than him, or both. I've seen chemo patients with better hairstyles. (Not a joke, I have.)

Beckster - while I agree with you, I've got to wonder WTF is NHS up to spending taxpayer money on IVF treatments for an unmarried couple where the guy already has kid on welfare?

fiv, before you start picking on England's reproductive policies, I got one word for you -- Octomom.

i don't know what feckless means, but what a yob.

(smooch and a hug for beckster)

13 stupid garden implements.

feckless, as in irresponsible, he may very well be; feckless as weak and ineffectual, he certainly is not! What the feck?!

He will now be bothered with many offers to take him to the urologist. *snip* *snip*

take him to the vet!

pad, at least Octomom's doc had his medical license revoked. I'm shocked, shocked I say, that California (land of fruits and nuts) actually did this.

and fiver, I'm with you all the way on this one.


aaaah, I got a smooch from Mudstuffin!!!! Made my day!!!

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