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August 17, 2011


(Suggested by alert reader Gary Findlay)


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I saw Dairy Queens in Space open for Smashing Pumpkins.

Mr. Language Person, the words "debt" and "deficit" confuse me. One of them seems like the long form of the other, but the wrong way around. And then there's that silent "b". Bees aren't normally silent.

Also, could we send one of those grinders to Washington?

'Colony of Busy Beavers' wbagnfa spinoff of 'Jersey Shore'

Wow! So much has changed in the last twenty years!

Uh, wait. Never mind.

The more things change.......

When will Dave be announcing his candidacy?

We will hold off posting partisan political crap until Dave launches his campaign bus, which we hope will be the screaming red Wienermobile.

Glad to see that Washington wrestled this to the ground and it is all a fond and distant memory. Gather around children while Grandpa tells you about ancient history and the deficit.

Tonight Marty we are going Back to the Future!

Is our Congresspersons learning?

Every state but Vermont has a balanced budget amendment, and all of them have deficits. Obviously promising that everything has to be better works!

Damn, Dave, you are amazing. Are you sure you don't want to add Carnac the Magnificent to your act talks?

Dave managed to get Bush and beavers into the same paragraph without the editors noticing.

I particularly like the reference to bazillion stomptillion dollars. Seemed like a ridiculous number in 1992 but we are going to be needing to us it real soon. Hope Dave thought to get a copyright.

I particularly like the reference to bazillion stomptillion dollars. Seemed like a ridiculous number in 1992 but we are going to be using it real soon. Hope Dave thought to copyright it.

Those of us in Canada, who are fans of Dave's presidency (we're probably not allowed to vote but hundreds of thousands of us visit Chicago for that purpose), are awaiting Dave's announcement.

Besides, I need an updated bumper sticker for my car.

And Dave.....when you look to purchase your campaign bus, make sure it is built in Canada, just to follow "The Ones"'s lead...

"Also, if you simply must post partisan political crap in the comments section, don't.


You mean Dave did not win the last election? No wonder things are going to hell in a handbasket. It's that gov't education .... People are too stupid to vote for Dave.

Those of us in Canada, who are fans of Dave's presidency (we're probably not allowed to vote...

I think New Hampshire still allows that, if you're a college student.

I saw Screaming Red Wienermobile open for the Scorpions in 85.

...bazillion stomptillion dollars...
Ya know if we aren't careful that could add up to real money..

let's hear it for teh lack of partisan crappola! yay.
there was another president bush? wow. that's like finding out that paul mccartney was in a band before wings.
all right, all right. i'm gettiing in the geezer bus.

To cut the deficits all they need to do is turn to the O'Rourke Law of Economic Circumcision: 10% can be taken off the top of ANYTHING.

I'm sure this will all be solve by the next President Bush.

help! we've italic-ed and cant turn em off ....
10% of everything? no, no, not the frosting!

fixed ;)

Multiply the deficit by zero, and the deficit becomes zero. Problem solved. Isn't math fun?

hold it. i was told there would be NO MATH on blogs. so, what IS going on here?
and thanks Judi for fixin them italics.

I love how quaint and nostalgic this piece feels now that the other party is in charge and everything has totally changed.

Bite your tongue, mesmo.

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