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August 31, 2011


But eventually, we will get around to blogging the Vintage Back-to-School Column posted last week. This week, we look back fondly, in a Vintage way, at the Miami Florida Marlins' first season.


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And next year, you have the Miami Marlins' first season.

so sad. but maybe all my drawers full of marlins paraphernalia will be valuable someday...

I think the Marlins made the right choice. Now it'll be easier not to mix them up with the Devil Rays.

Speaking of 'interferes', I've been unable to send email to the blog (with a great item for you-all...)

I had the same problem David. I get an error message. I thought it just didn't like what I was sending. I love the back to school article. Another one of my favorites.

Delivery to the following recipient failed permanently:

[email protected]

The error that the other server returned was: 550 550 No such user - psmtp (state 14).

OhmyGod! Dave doesn't exist anymore! What has Judi done with him?

Dave, this has happened before and it has always been attributable to human error.

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