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August 30, 2011


A disease carried in the vomit of planthopper insects is what kills the palms.

(Thanks to cyberick and Jeffrey Brown)


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Key 'stroke-of-genius' quote (not to make fun of):

"Once a palm gets it, there is no recovery," Dick said.

The Hairy Palm was not one of the affected species mentioned, but they should probably keep an eye on it.

The same problem has killed many a party.

Hustler magazine has killed quite a few also.

Florida - Where the Fun Never Ends

Enzymes in the vomit breakdown the cells in the leaf so the insect can suck them up for nutrition.

Suck it up for nutrition?? Yeah, right. That's what they all say.

*spit/snork* @ siouxie ;)

I didn't know bugs threw up. Maybe they should give them some little Dramamines or a Scopolamine patch. Of course the patch would have to be very small to fit behind their tiny, little ears.

Do bugs even have ears?

Amazing that a tiny little insect could do so much damage to such a nice tree. I never see palm trees only in pictures but they look nice.

Fun fact (or not so fun, depending on your point of view): flies throw up every time they land. Which is why, if one ever lands on what I'm eating, it immediately goes in the trash, and if I see someone eat something a fly has landed on, I immediately hurl.

Marebear, on the thing that someone is eating? That should do it...

Enzyme vomit breakdown was on of the first classes I took in college...

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