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August 03, 2011


Vogue Australia has published photographs of a normal human woman.

(Thanks to nursecindy)


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"normal?" she's gorgeous! not too wild about the hair style but ... the rest of her is a knock out. and i'm sure she's very intelligent um oh who am i kidding. She's hot.

She's a plus size model? On what planet? I agree with rickh.

There is no such thing as a normal woman. They are all strange, wonderful and unique creatures. Plus they ALL scare the crap out of me.

Fashionistas the world over will NOT stand for this outrage. Because they have not eaten in weeks and haven't the strength.

OMG! I nearly barfed both carrots that I had for lunch.

SHE is "plus size"? She is lovely and looks to be about 7 feet tall.

Get a new hairdo and she'll be a 10...and not just a size 10.

Who decided she was "plus size"? Donald Trump?

Plus what, exactly? 0 + 2? She's gorgeous, but no idea why they're calling her "plus size."

I was close. Just googled it and an Australia 14 is a U.S. 10. Plus size. Yeah.

Any model who wears more than about a 4 in American sizes is considered "plus size" but the high-end fashion industry. The definition of plus size in ready-to-wear really starts at about a 12, which most people would also consider "normal human woman with, you know, boobs and an ass."

And yes, that woman is gorgeous and stacked and very healthy-looking. And stand her next to the woman who was on last month's cover, or next month's, and she'd look like Sasquatch *in comparison*. "Normal" in the eyes of fashion magazines is not what you and I call normal. Besides, even the super-skinny models and celebs in magazines are photoshopped to look even skinnier. You can bet that this girl has also been photoshopped out the wazoo to whittle away curves and the like. What you're seeing here is almost certainly quite different from the unretouched photos.

Was just flying back from a meeting in N. Carolina and was worried about clicking on the link ....then I realized it was from nursecindy so it had to be somewhat tasteful. And, OLdfatguy said it well.

For a while one of the diet outfits had a TV ad where a skinny model bragged about the program taking her from size 10 to size 6 -- puhleeze! Most women I know would be happy to be size 10. Those single-digit sizes are looking at osteoporosis down the road -- much better to carry a few extra lbs, have curves, and not have your bones break if you look at them hard once you hit 60.

Thanks EyeGore. I was eating an Oreo when I read that column earlier today. I didn't feel too good about myself at that moment.

ofg: it'll be okay. here, have a beer.

just accept that they often don't make sense. don't try to fix it, just let it be. just sit and smile (or frown, pay attention!) and nod your head. that's it. drink your beer.

remember, we're all in this together.

This is great, just so long as they don't overdo it. I don't want to see "Women of Walmart" in Vogue in a couple of years....

lord god, i would pay SO MUCH MONEY... well remember in that movie with meryl streep as the fashion bitch? and she made fun of anne hathaway for being so huge as to wear a size 6? in THAT world, this is a plus-size model. in that world, i would be a planet.

It's ok, Annie. Eat a mint and you'll be back on track.

I will have to agree with the guys. She's gorgeous. I'd love to be THAT plus size!

I'd kill to be that size.
~Planet eil

I'll just consider myself SuperSized!


*suddenly feels anorexic*

Kim Kardasian Wearing a Wang for her Wedding!

The end is certainly near.

I (actually) heard that Aussie designers refer to the smaller dress sizes as "4, 2, 0, and Kylie Minogue."

That smallest size would translate to "Sara Jessica Parker" in the USA.

*proud to be abby normal*

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