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August 08, 2011


Naked woman at golf tournament angers Woodward officials

(Thanks to Unholy Slacker)

Name We Are Not Making Fun Of: "Woodward."


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Putting contest... yeah, right. She was getting ready to motivate the next contestant -- The longest driver of the tournament.

"Sink the putt, see my butt"

Day said Elks members are trying to dispel rumors spreading throughout the community that the lodge paid the woman to get naked or that she had sex with tournament players.
I think the Elks would want to encourage those rumors. At least during the next membership drive.

“This is a pretty up-and-up group of people,” he said.

The article was absolutely worthless without pictures.

Or...maybe not.

pictures? of a threesome, perhaps?

Hey, it was Boiling Springs, OK? She was hot!

“I was offended,” Riffel said.

And I suggest Mr. Riffel take the stick (golf or otherwise) out of his butt and lighten the heck up.

Please... golf is a gentleman's game.



She also kissed their balls for good luck.

"Day said the woman will not be asked to volunteer for the Elks in the future."

However, they're taking up a collection to pay her next time. Plus a health club membership. And a Ferrari.

The golfers probably had trouble keeping their head down....keeping their eye on the ball.....

Nah, they were just p.o.'d because golf is so boring, everyone was watching her instead.

I wonder if Punkin is a good putter? I'm sorry in advance, Punkin. I know some golfers that are so into the game they probably wouldn't notice a naked woman unless she was in their way.

I am offended and insulted. I will be horrified when you post the photo. I'll wait...

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