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August 30, 2011


Unfortunately our strict policy prohibits us from bringing you the Pittsburgh Crime Report.

(Thanks to flynbenny)


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More details: http://www.post-gazette.com/pg/11242/1170870-53-0.stm

So the john's name is johns? Or is it the pimp that is johns? Can a pimp be a john with his own girls, or does he have to do it with someone else's girls to be a real john?

Nothing surprises me. That's just too much.

So Johns was 'probing' the prostitutes?

Almost inevitable, given the name. Can he plead diminished capacity due to his name making him do it?

Anyone? bonmot?

Johns allegedly drove prostitutes to drug buys and gave them money.

Are we talking in general here, or specific to this case ?

You'll notice the first story picking on the Pittsburgh police came from Philly.

I think this is all legal in New Zealand. So is rugby.

Aren't police cars supposed to have sirens ?

And of course the prostitute's name was Elvira Hooker.....

"The policeman isn't here to create disorder .... the policeman is here to preserve disorder."

*Presents Geezer Card*

Or dat order.

*Presents platinum Geezer Card*

well, at least his name wasnt peter johnson.

Fellow officers recalled some signs of undue affluence. For example, Johnson frequently bought donuts for the house.

O.T. okay, who broke the blog? tried to send in a story and got and undeliverable note back. twice. come on, someone fess up? Now back to your regularly weird comments.

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