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August 17, 2011


At 6:30 tonight Ridley and I will be talking about The Bridge to Never Land at Murder by the Book, 2432 Bissonnet St. Ridley has agreed to commit an actual murder, which apparently is legal in Houston.


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not only is it legal, it is expected. get to texas before it secedes.

Are you sure you're not in Detroit?

I thought that shooting was like watering the lawn -- strict odd/even restrictions.

It sounds like getting more than three items signed might put one at front of the firing squad line.

Murder's legal in Houston as long as both the temperature and humidity are in the 90's, which means pretty much every day except Christmas.

Considering Dave has volunteered Ridley to kiss a scorpion and rope a heifer, I think I know who the victim might be.

Nursecindy --
A "Buy this book or the author gets it" arrangement?

What happens after page 20?

True, NMUA. It will be Ridley in the library with a candlestick.

Ridley seems more of the rope or lead pipe type.

Dave, I left Houston in 1991. Have they finished work on I-45 yet? Or is the manufacture of orange road cones still driving the region's economy?

Queensbee...you got there before me:-) I believe you have to provide a copy of an active warrant in order to get a ballot.

Dear hogsate, orange cones and orange striped barrels are keeping the economy booming here in Houston. And without them we wouldn't know what lanes to squeeze into on I-45. As a noted author once noted the rebuilding of Japan after WWII and the building of I-45 began at the same time. Look at Japan; we're still working on I-45 :-)

My suggestion for I-45 (simultaneously called the Northwest Freeway or Southeast Freeway) avoid if at all possible. (New anachronism? AIAIP)

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