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August 30, 2011


Duo Reportedly Told Staten Island Residents To Evacuate In Order To Burglarize Their Homes

(Thanks to Mark Schlesinger)


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Speaking of clowns...I saw this one yesterday.

String 'em up!

This would work in Germany. SI -- not so much.

I liked the idea one comment gave about stringing them up by their ankles and using them as pinatas. On the other hand they couldn't very well rob the homes while the homeowners were still in them could they? I wonder why he was a former corrections officer?

Send 'em to Washington......they'd fit right in.

On second thought, we have enough burglars there already.

The line: "EMERGENCY, EMERGENCY....EVERYONE TO CLEAR FROM STREET..." from THE RUSSIANS ARE COMING comes to mind. It worked for the ruskies about as well as these clowns.

He was fired, cindy - no surprise there.

Good opportunists.

only in noo yawk will they try dis. duuuh.

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