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August 01, 2011


Man hooks 2,649 fish in 24 hours

(Thanks to bonmot)


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What a hooker!

...so how many poles did it take?

over the limit, I know somebody who will eat this week

Who said the guy was Polish, Sandy?

'Kolodzinski' DNSOM?

um, jes sayin that's a lot to tackle....

We're gonna need more hush puppies.

This was a catch-and-release event. How do we know he didn't catch the same fish 2,649 times?

Sandy, maybe instead a "Finn"?

(And, as always, *SNORK* at NC!!!)

I'm sittin' on the dock of the bay wasting time....

Smells fishy to me...

Steve, most folks would call him a pimp, not a hooker.

He managers the hookers. Not (usually) hooking himself.

No mention of the barrel.

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