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August 30, 2011


“His name’s Johnson. I’m serious,” Justin said, adding, “You want to hold my Johnson?”

This has been your Justin Bieber Update.

(Thanks to Ralph)


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No. I don't want to hold his Johnson. I also don't want to see his Johnson.

ya doesnt has ta call me johnson - you can call me ray, you can call me...
i guess call the geezer bus.

"I Want to Hold Your Johnson"... hmmmm, wasn't that a Beatles song?

'A bird in hand is worth two in the bush'

...ok, i'm done with hand jokes ;)

Since "Johnson" is a boa constrictor, maybe he can constrict the little twerp.

What nursecindy said goes for me, double.

Now I don't need to take an appetite depressant.

Justin's Johnson might be bigger than Justin.

Ewww snake.

Wow, a talented singer and a hilarious prankster too.

It has a johnson?

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