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August 27, 2011


Gangs targeting supplies of watercress

(Thanks to Chuck Cody)


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You'll get my watercress when you pluck it from my cold, wilted salad.

This entire incident is so... so... British.

Wot'r y'in fer, mate?
Drove the getaway for a gang o' cress rustlers, d'int I?

All your tiny sandwiches are belong to us.

[email protected]

If we don't put a stop to this now they'll come after our vital supplies of basil!

Are they going to Scarborough Fair?

They answered an ad for shovel-ready green jobs.

snork @ Ralph. This spammer thing is out of hand. Reporting it to judi!

Blech. They can have it. Just stay away from my parsley!

There's all sorts of unsavory characters romaine the countryside.

The Cress Criminals... soon to be a reality show starring Lynn Rosetta Casper.

It goes well with the shark fins and abalone they illegally harvest in South Africa

I'm wondering at British reporting, two middle aged men and a 60 yr old woman are now a "gang"? "It's me mam and me bruver, we're an official tong."

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