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August 29, 2011


It wasn't pretty.

But fortunately it also wasn't nearly as bad as feared, for a lot of people. This Blog's son, Rob, who just moved to New York City, called it "Sprinklegeddon."

Update: There may be a silver lining, dude.

(Thanks to Mark Schlesinger and Ralph)


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That's Fox News, always stirring up the sh!t.

Rob has a twitter! Yay, another time-waster.

On the topic of Irene, Vermont is underwater. Please send good thoughts Northwards, because things are going to get worse there.

Funky fungi? As they say. "it's an ill wind that doesn't blow somebody some good"

well, come on upstate. if you wanna see some floods. and in vermont, too. and lotsa power out. it may not have done bad things in nyc, but the whole hudson valley is underwater.

Queensbee, same as Western Massachusetts. Boston didn't have any damage except for some trees down, but Western Mass/Albany/Vermont got hammered. The flooding out that way is horrendous. They're evacuating Montpelier (no joking about Montpelier, folks.) The Westfield River flooding shut down I-91 out by Northampton.

We lost some mobile homes at the Outer Banks. Why is Rob in NYC? He's too little to be living in a big city like that! I still remember the columns about him when he was growing up so I guess it's hard to see him as a grown up now. He looks like his dad.

*Sends some dry humor to upstate NY, Vermont and western Mass.*

So... does this explain what President Bush was doing after Hurricane Katrina?

I'm glad it was a fizzle, and that all our east coast bloggers and friends are okay.

If not okay, speak up.

In central NJ our house is OK, but we have friends just a few miles away who have no power and/or flooded basements. Plus there are a lot of roads flooded out. If I were to head south, west or east, there are detours galore. Luckily I work north, and even though there are no trains running, I was able to get a bus to Manhattan. So it wasn't a fizzle or sprinklegeddon where I live.

i wouldnt call it a fizzle. and i dont think it was necessary to shut the whole subway down, either, but the flooding has been, and is bad in about 9 upstate ny counties, vt, and western mass. many of these places often flood, but this has been pretty bad. there were few fatalities becasue people paid attention. there were many trees on cars, cars underwater, etc., and so it will take some days to get out of this.schenectady stockade area is still flooding. (it often floods). its a natural disaster. it does happen. but if us hoomans is prepared, it might be a little easier in the aftermath. there are some great pics at the Albany times Union website.

I am very impressed that queensbee can spell shenek, skinectady, that place before Stockade. In fact I'm so impressed that I won't point out she can't spell, "because". I'm glad everyone is okay.

Totally don't remember how I know this....if you snap the stem and it turns purple, it's the right shroom.. also, don't eat the stems, just the cap. Eating the stems causes stomach issues.

Cool! Advice on hallelujah hasselhof hallucin- er, psychotic mushroom consumption from a guy named LittleGreenMan on the internet!

Where do I sign?

So Fox News can't recognize that a story is full of shit when it hits them in the face. Why is this a surprise?

Okay the next hurricane is ours! We desperately need rain in Central Texas. There are some scary deep crevices in my front yard.

sorry about because. typing too fast. noticed it after.
i live near schenectady. i've even been there. the district that is flooding is the oldest and most historic. 1690. there was in fact, an actual stockade there. in the really olden days. it floods often, is right on the river --- but usually, it just gets the basements and sometimes a first floor. this may go even higher. great old houses. fortunately, it is sunny and cool today, so maybe the water will go down quickly. i'd love to send you all some big gigantic puddles, texas, if i could....

We'll blow the next one over your way, Phil.

Nice picture of your son, Dave. He tweets huh?

We could sure use them. 4:20 PM in the afternoon (redundant, I know, it's the heat) and it's a freaking 106 degrees F here on the Texas Gulf Coast just south of Houston. I have the thermostat set on 80, the AC is on it's last legs and we are sitting here in the dark to keep as cool as possible. I'm mmeeelllltttiiinnnggggg.

queensbee, sorry for making fun of your spelling mistake. If it weren't for spell check most of my words would be misspelled because I type pretty fast two!

A/C... Ours gave up last friday... The thermostat just says "High"... maybe there's shrooms inside there.

Annie and Phillin Texas, our A/C expired, too. I am in Florida and cooler than you. drip.

SNORD@Philin texas, saw them at the satellite college location today, had better check my a/c now!

Make that SNORK, I have an excuse, it is Lyme disease, BOLO ticks.

My power in NE Pennsylvania has been out since Saturday.

It wasn't a fizzle. People died, many homes were destroyed, and flooding and power outages are all over.

The reason people are saying it's a fizzle is that (a) the people saying it didn't experience big problems and (b) the big news people are all in Manhattan, where it was, indeed, a fizzle.

OK, back to non-serious mode for me now. But I'm going to have to log off for a while and get back on the phone to the power company.

Just Some Guy, where in NEPA. I'm in Scranton. Power went out this morning for some reason.

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