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August 18, 2011


Barbershop closed amid suspected animal sacrifice

(Thanks to Monique)


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Chicken adoption!? I've a pot.

Noticed the window sticker reading "Abuse an animal, go to jail!" Why's that on the inside?

Just a little off the throat please.

I'll just bet the rooster was a Red Sox fan.

What's a Red Sox? This is horrible! However, there have been times I may have considered it in a beauty salon if it meant I was going to get a good hair cut. I'm only saying this now because I had to go back three times last week after I accidentally let a new graduate work on my hair. Blows kiss to Joe, a great hairstylist. He is now my new BFF. Blog ladies will understand my feelings.

If you bring your pet chicken or rooster, don't expect to leave with it.

After all, when you run a shop called Bad Boyz Cutz,
you have a certain g-rep or thug-rep ya have to keep
up on.

And notice his name? Ka-Macho! Sounds like a great
new Fox TV series!

*snork* @ Keven

This guy sounds all too much like Sweeney Todd, only instead of meat pies he's making chicken pot pies.

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