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August 26, 2011


Police stop man from transporting fridge in car trunk


(Thanks to Chuck Cody, Ralph and Afkat)


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Is that a car with a refrigerator, or a refrigerator with a car? Either way, it definitely involves a Guy.

Just bringing the beer for the tailgate party.

He's gonna get a ticket now, sooner or later
Cos he can't close the trunk on the refrigerator...

What ??? It's legal - he can still use his mirrors for backing up, right ??

Better traction in snow with a lot of weight on the back tires.

Pretty soon we will not have any rights left.

guess they just dont approve in canadia.

Note traditional Canadian safety precautions: TWO bungee cords, attached to the rear door handles.

He was using the seatbelts so what is the problem?


"He then removed the fridge from the trunk of his car and arranged for a less precarious mode of transportation," police said.

That's where the skateboard and the twine comes in, right?

"...arranged for a less precarious mode of transportation...." = tied it on the roof.

Nice Jan & Dean reference, Stevie.

Anyway, this guy is a maroon. Everyone knows you use duct tape.

Was this guy once on the Red Green Show? It's (a) Canadian, (b) obsessed with duct tape and (c) came up with inventions this goofy.

I'm amazed the front wheels were even touching the ground.

Outrageous. Everyone knows a refrigerator goes on the roof.

Not in Florida, Clankie. Here, in Homestead one night, my friend instructed me to take "the back road' to his home, returning from a Krull family party. It was aprox 0300 hours and foggy as hell. Some fool, sorry, Floridian, had earlier left a refrigerator in the middle of that tiny dirt toad. I hit it head on in my Crown Vic. LOL and lifting a toast to my soul mate forever Brian Kevin Kerr, may he RIP.


How many of his children were riding in the fridge?

If you are going to haul a refrigerator use a Nash Rambler and a Norge fridge.

I'm sure the damage to the car cost more than the price of renting the truck.

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