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August 31, 2011


Nude Woman Found Crawling Up Busy Street

(TJhanks to Chris Elzi)


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Shabby reporting! Where are the pictures?

Guess the state!!! ArcticAl just remember, no pictures is sometimes a blessing iykwim.

To quote Rick James-"cocaine is a hell of a drug"

'...she rolled on to her back and spread her legs before continuing her crawl...'

so is this 'Name the State' or more of 'Name the Beaver?

She showed the officers her crack before they even questioned her.

Proof that drugs don't make you smarter?

Crack is whack!

Maybe she was trying to snort the center line?

It's always fun walking around downtown at ten am on the weekends to see people stumbling home in their party clothes from the night before, but this woman's taking the Walk of Shame to a whole new level.

Wow, was she on crack or what????

Oh, wait......

her mom's proud.

PUBE crawl?

I knew this would show up on the blog. I'm posting mainly to try to fix the runaway italics.

I'll be darned -- it worked!

Didn't Dave once say that in Key West, "business attire" usually meant "some kind of clothing?"

And no, I don't want to see the pictures.

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