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August 08, 2011


This acronym can be used for two different concepts discussed in this vintage column. Just sayin'.


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IDYT fix that link.

Just hit your <--BkSp key to fix it.

That way judi won't have to be fired.

thanks obs... it was actually one blank space that caused the problem. is that where your name came from? ;)

I read it from my email and agree that Reality TV is pee-pee. And ANOTHER thing! Has anyone noticed that most of the "new" shows coming out are RTV? When I have finished vomiting, I will complain that the networks have become cheap and brain dead (like THAT's new) and wouldn't know a good comedy or drama script if it stripped and did a dance for them. I don't know about you, but I am boycotting network TV and getting married to PBS. I'll cheat on PBS with the History Channel and NatGeo. I'm a slut that way...

Sears didn't have a 1952 Wallpaper Catalog and, huh? What's that? They did? Darn. Another perfectly good rant shot down by reality.

*snork* at Weewee Waterpark

Judi, my wife agrees with everything you said and frequenthly complains about hover pee-ers. A local Starbucks had to put up a sign asking them NOT to leave paper on the seat or the floor (where it usually ends up).

Not that it has had much effect, of course.

The only thing on TV less real than the reality shows is how the supposed female police, coroners, etc. look so unlike the real ones.


PS: !

For a minute I thought it was an acronym for TIPIYOKTI.

mazar: i know, right? like 7 of 9 is gonna work in the coroner's office.

They need one of those, "If you sprinkle when you tinkle please be neat and wipe the seat" signs.

judi, 7 of 9 was on Warehouse 13 as a Marine last week.

I need a column, just to see what people would dare me to print.

I dare you to write a column, Elon. I hate when people give ultimatums about things. I was reading a review on Amazon the other day about a mop. One woman said she would NEVER buy a mop like that again because, it got her floor too wet. I left her a comment. I said, "Wring it out next time". I wanted to call her a moron but I didn't. I've decided that some of the people that write reviews like that, or write letters like some of the ones Dave has gotten, are the same people that can't crack an egg without putting out their eye on the Eggsie infomercial.

Cindy, I think that woman needs Remedial Housecleaning.

Very true Guin. I am also not a genius. I wasn't on the computer much yesterday because I leaned over the other day and cracked my left eye area on my fireplace mantle. I have a shiner now. What's so bad is this isn't the first time I've done this and I've lived in this house for several years. I would probably be sitting next to her in Remedial Housecleaning since that's what I was doing when I conked myself in the head. Housework can be painful! Sometimes I think it also makes you stupid. At least in my case it does.

cindy, I think "you moron" was implied at the end of the "wring it out" comment.

Your own painful injury proves what most guys know instinctively: housework can be dangerous to your health.

Next time, wear a helmet.

I'm definitely thinking about wearing a helmet Jeff. About 1/10th of a millisecond before I connected with the mantle I remembered it was there.

I only respond to a double dog dare.

Mikey? I double dog dare you to come dust around my killer fireplace mantle!


I double dog dare you to open my refrigerator and then stand up when the freezer door is open. A bump on the back of the head to match the black eye.

I double dog dare you to use the same word(s) that I used while grabbing your head. Most starting with F and S...

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