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August 23, 2011


All told we have six shiny new pissoirs (urinals) and 15 sparkling new commodes (toilets). We’re selling the naming rights to each one for $1,000 a pop.

(Thanks to Chuck Cody)


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Let's name one after the Lieb Family Cellars

can't post now. got to take a Lieb.

Hey, if everybody on the blog donates two bucks, I bet we could get one named for judi!

Can't let her boss keep flaunting his fancy schmancy sewage pumping station forever.

Not to brag, but I saw the Shiny Pissoirs open for the Sex Pistols at Red Rocks...

If it would be commodious, I would donate $5.00

Are those pronounced Peaswahs?

Is there no money left from the stimulus program ?

Only Dave's Blog would have articles about toilets and urinals as a regular item to comment about. They must be something very special to him. That's okay though.

I'd also pay $5 for naming one after Judi.

I bet she'd be flush with enthusiasm!

OK, we got 12 bucks committed so far, only $988 to go!

Come on blogmates, this is for judi!!!

Since I'm stuck in this state, I volunteer to go and make the flushing Judi purchase.... I have to go to Cedar Rapids next week anyway. Just send the money I promise to spend it wisely..hic..I think I will need a picture. Urinal target?

Flush with success from his book tour, Dave Barry announced his presidential ambitions Wednesday by naming a toilet after his dearly departed emergency backup dog, Zippy.

Big headlines, Dave.

i did go to high school in Cedar Rapids and i lived there off and on between '74 and '01 but i'm NOT a CR (that's what the locals call it)native. However, the small town i grew up in and Cedar Rapids now share a border. instead of having a 7 mile strip of no man's land (Linn County) that used to serve as a buffer Fairfax is now a "groan" suburb. all that being said, (if you're still reading this _ don't you have a life?) i am in no way responsible for or recognise any of the names of the people who are responsible for this pathetic attempt to raise $21,000.

I'll take 2 urinals. Going to name the left one PISS and the right one MOAN. On second thought, that would be a better name for a toilet. Assuming it's the men's room.

Visualize world piss. If you buy the naming rights can you put up one of those "aim too, please" signs

Here's what we'll put over judi's pissoir:

"Come to Judi Smith
When you need to... relieve yourself!"

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