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August 21, 2011


Raelians Declares Aug. 21 'Go Topless Day,' But Men Must Wear Brassieres

(Thanks to Joe in Japan)


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"My heart belongs with them," he said. "However, the challenges on gay marriage are based, in part, on the idea that marriage is a fundamental right. So far, wanting to wear less clothing hasn't been determined a fundamental right."

Well, ratbite!!!

Why are we giving Raelians more publicity?

"To have a guy support equal rights by wearing a bra is an honorable thing to do," she said.
First of all honorable and add the word stupid. I hate to tell her this but most guys aren't there to support anyone's rights. They are there to see naked women. I second Jeff's comment.

By the bye, I saw the "Provocative Raelians" open for Steely Dan, but that's just an aside...

"The very fact that guys are obsessing over boobs as sexual is exactly why we need to change the laws," Roehr said.

Please, dude, can't you find any other cause over which to get your panties in a bunch?

Exactly SW. btw, I would like to commend you on still being your usual self even after hanging out with Dave and Ridley. I'm still jealous.

So, wait this guy claims that aliens told him that babes have to give him money and walk around topless, and there are people who believe him?

My father is probably right. If my brothers and I weren't such upstanding, decent people, we really could rule the world. And creating a cult would be just the start. But it would also be terribly wrong, and I would never be able to bring myself to do it. Alas.

I used to be all in favor of the idea of women walking around topless but the wisdom of my years has taught me that getting what I think I want often turns out to be a disappointment. I would bet it's not that much different for the ladies. You probably wish fewer guys would walk around topless.

iI hate to tell her this but most guys aren't there to support anyone's rights. They are there to see naked women.

Posted by: nursecindy | August 21, 2011 at 12:10 PM

I have to agree with cindy here, though I see no reason we can't do both.

Congress would argue about the issue for 6 months, compromise temporarily on pasties and then appoint a committee to further study the issue.

Agreed, Wingnut. Most nudists are people you really don't want to see naked.

How come Tom Cruise wasn't quoted. Did he get fired or promoted to Head Wahzoo? Oh, sorry, different aliens.

Off the Raelians or deRaelians, so to speak.

I live in Austin. We have a guy who ride around on a bike wearing a bikini thong (named Leslie - warning - don't Google it) and, yes, we have women who bare their tops in protest on 6th street. Many observers ended up placing paper sacks over their heads. It was/is not pretty.

The bikini thong is named Leslie?

Leslie from Austin.

WARNING: as Dave would say, DO NOT click on this.

I won't...

Jeff's link isn't so bad blog guys. Go ahead and click on it. It's fine! Really!

Why does the image of Lucy holding the football for Charlie Brown keep popping up in my mind when I read Nursecindy's invitation to visit this potentially eye damaging site.??

Because you know better, Joe?

I tried going topless last week, but I kept tripping over my boobs. Ba-dum-PUM! That is all.

Click on it if you like buttock acne... My breakfast is only a memory now.

who are the raelians? is this a star trek or star wars group?

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