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August 31, 2011


Another foot washes ashore in Vancouver

(Thanks to The Perts and Allen at Division)


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O.T, again but trying to find out if the blog is broke. I keep getting and undeliverable message from the blog site? sorry, back to your regular program.

Key quote:
"foul play wasn't suspected"

When budgets are cut, Foul Play becomes very difficult to prove.

It's the zombie apocalypse. Or a fishing boat sank in the Pacific a few years back.

Do any of the feet that have washed up match, or are they all from different people?

"He won't get far on foot", Chapter 972...

"In previous cases, police have said it appeared the feet separated from bodies naturally in the water and foul play wasn't suspected."
Whose dead bodies are naturally in the water? Is that the way they do things up there? Of course, it doesn't say dead bodies. Maybe they just detach? I'm confused.

Hmm, when we eat chicken we do not eat the feet. Maybe a race of space aliens likes to snack on people but throw away the feet? Pardon me while I go smack myself.

- another foot of what?

For reasons that I cannot specify, I've had to look at decomposition in water.

Under certain circumstances, limbs would float to the top without the body. Without going CSI on y'all, water temperature is one of the key elements in the equation.

In the past four years, about a dozen feet encased in shoes have washed up...

You mean that someone put liquified shoe around the feet? Must be a mobster hit, though I always thought
they used cement.....

(If you mean "wearing Shoes" your editor or boss should fire you, idiot reporter!!!)

Maybe the editor was prejudiced against anything less than an intact body wearing something. Could be the writer was over-edited.

*snork* @ allen


How can they say, "...foul play wasn't suspected"?
Unless it was death-by-lethal-foot-fetish, wouldn't the evidence be elsewhere?
I only know of one person, personally, whose leg went someplace without him; an uncle with diabetes.
Oh, and my grandfather who was missing his left forefinger. When asked, he would only say, "Don't ever, EVER pick your nose!"

People, people .. I have obtained the pre-edit copy and believe it will clear everything up:

In previous cases, off-duty police on crack have said it appeared the feet separated from bodies permanently naturally in the water at the right temperature and fowl foul play wasn't suspected. can I have my kickback now please?

oldfatguy: Me too: "reason: 550-5.1.1 The email account that you tried to reach does not exist." Has Judi fired Dave?

Someone took a mile...again.

How high's the water mama?
Twelve feet high and rising.

Same here ofg. I sent in 3 boffo items this morning (the naked crawler should be mine, Jeff) and all bounced back.

HA! and i thought i was banned - haven't sent anything in in a loooong time - tried today & got a fatal error

*heads back to naughty corner*

I'm gonna hold my breath until I turn blue and eat worms. Put the comma wherever you want.

I have not clicked on this article because I'm afraid there may be a picture of the foot in question. If someone trustworthy, like Siouxie coconuts,ofg,or NMUA, will assure me there is not a picture, I would appreciate it.

cindy doesn't trust me to give her a leg up on the situation :(

Or Sandy who I'm sure is also very trustworthy. Sorry.

*snork* @ loudmouth's J. Cash adaptation!

Coast is clear, nursecindy.
(except for the Vancouver coast, that is)

Anybody else take a look at distracted driving in Alberta?

No points, but no talking/texting/GPS programming/eating/drinking/combing hair/ukelele playing/DVD watching.

No picture, cindy.

I am a lawyer and I represent the chickens of America. We resent this libelous stream of invective about fowl play. Our members had nothing to do with these feet. They (my clients) were at home in their coops laying eggs. That's what they do. You morons. You should be looking for cats. Now THEY are evil and they love attacking feet.

I thought all this was supposed to end when the Soprano's got cancelled.

It was an old foot, wingy...

BTW, Craig "Hot Scotch" Ferguson mentioned it on his show last night, but his monologue was all over the place and he didn't do anything funny about it. I'd have to ask Walter Mathau if feet are funny (obscure movie reference, guess which one!).

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