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August 31, 2011


The D.C. Government filed a lawsuit Tuesday, claiming a city non-profit took more than 300-thousand dollars meant for a job-training facility and instead built a nightclub in Northeast.

(Thanks to Allen at Division)


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The name of the strip club is "Miracle Hands"--*snicker*

There is a special place in h3ll for people who do things like this. *SMACKS* Allen at Division.

Aww...and all the poor women would have gotten lots of money, plenty of exercise, and positive emotional feedback. *sigh*

someone's getting their palms greased

Sandy--That would make you slip off the pole...

Part of the DC Stimulus Package.

If it's not a job, why do we keep reading about "pole dancing classes"?

haha allen - but i have miracle hands...& you should see my miracle whip!

*snork at Mazar Larry*

Your Tax Dollars at Work

*WAVES* @ Hammie!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wooooooooooooot!! how ya been??

sandy - I'm sure they'd rather see your miracle bra!


( . )( . )

what bra?


HEYYYYYYYY Hammie!!!! How's life?

*WAVES Magic Hands at Hammie!!!*

somebody call an editor - stat!


mudstuffin, you're an editor!

HIV/Aids training? Well, I'm certain a lot of the patrons and staff will be learning a lot about STD's very soon.

A) many bartenders, bouncers, scantily clad waitresses and women who remove their clothes professioanlly were trained and given gainful employment.
2) Where will the DC City Council go for lunch now.
iii)The owner was heard to utter the immortal words of mayor for Life Marion Barry, "Da b!+ch set me up".

Instead, the city claims Jones opened the Stadium Club gentlemen's club instead



what happens instead
stays in stead


Interesting name choice; I don't think there are any stadiums in the vicinity. Looks like a good 5 miles to Nationals Park and even farthur to FedEx Field.

also, "farther"/"further"

that's honest graft. if they had stolen the money and gone to the bahamas, that would be different. that would be dishonest graft.

"The job training center was supposed to open in 2007." They just noticed now??!! Now there's government in action.

Now lets not jump to conclusions. A "Gentleman's Club" might be one of those places where guys sit around in leather comfy chairs, sipping snifters of brandy and playing bridge. Of course no women allowed. Its possible. Time to head home, to brandy and comfy chair.

Judging by the picture there, looks like his club needs to steal a couple hundred thousand more dollars.

Pretty sure there's no brandy and comfy chairs in there.

Elon - there may possibly be a Brandy, however.

If the present Administration was half this entrepreneurial, FLOTUS would kick somebody's buttooskies and break their miracle hands. Instead.

the city claims Jones opened the Stadium Club gentlemen's club instead. Now the city says it wants its money back and more.

In ones and fives, folded in half and slipped into its G-string... (Ummmm, Sharkie told me...)

The training facility was supposed to have opened in 2007 and they are just now noticing it did not.

Government oversight in action.

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