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August 31, 2011


Last week, one man living in the residence reported someone named Steve had stolen ice cream from the residence. This week, another person living there reported a man named George stole some dishes from the residence.

(Thanks to Fred Hudson)


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Calling all cars. Callig all cars. Be on the lookout for two theives named Steve and George. Round up the usual suspects. That is all.

I wonder if George stole a bowl and spoon for Steve's ice cream?

Next week: Bob steals the chocolate sauce.

Excellent analysis, Detective NC!

Now we must ask: Is Steve an alias for George, or is George an alias for Steve. Note that the two men have, as far s we can tell, never been seen together.

That does not rule out the two men are partners. This type of situation requires undercover police work. They need to leave out a a quart of Ben & Jerry's,
under surveillance, and whoever goes for that could be the guilty party!!

i suspect ben & jerry

Or Hog and Doss.

I have never, repeat never, been called "George".
However, my mother did slip up now and then and call me "John". This can be traumatic for an only son.

Dave's not here.

My theory is that the two men calling are in fact George and Steve respectively -- two roommates that are not getting along.

Other Steve, my Mom had six kids. When she wanted someone, she'd just call names until she got to the one she wanted. We learned to wait.

First the stolen goats, now this. Minnesota is totally out of control!

Hey, my brother was born in Hastings! Man, it's gone downhill in the last half-century or so.

And I categorically deny stealing the ice cream. I may or may not have taken a cookie, but that was a couple of years later, in Scotia, California.

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