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August 30, 2011


Scots pupils invited to name wild Argyll beavers

(Thanks to AKMA)


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Argyll? That doesn't describe any beavers I've ever...
Oh, never mind.



Snatch? I mean, they do like to grab things and drag them to the water.

I believe the Wild Argyll Beavers opened for the Bay City Rollers.

Mac and Donald.

I had absolutely no idea that my Argyll yarn came from a beaver.

Elsewhere in the UK, children rioted and looted because they were denied the opportunity to name plaid polyester possums.

Angus MacLean MacTavish MacDougal Wallace. Did I win ?

Fat, drunk, and argyll is no way to get through life, son...

Buddy? Angus McPogdougal? Buddy McCullough?

Gotta get me one o' them wild beaver kits. I hope they come with instructions.

Just wait 'til the critters multiply and start flooding roads and houses by damming up culverts.

Aren't beavers the ones who build dikes?

*snork* @ OBS.

Good thing you used the word "build". "Erect" would have been inappropriate.

I think it is wonderful that students are learning about the beauty of beavers.

From what I have seen of some schools the beavers will be in the wild if kept at school.

*glues Meanie's beaver together*

That's enough blog guys. I think you've beat the beaver (subject) long enough.

Didn't The Argyll Beavers win the Scottish All-Girl Glee Club competition in 2009?

Though I own she is a creature of character and feature....

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