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August 03, 2011


Most dogs are earnest, which is why most people like them. You can say any fool thing to a dog, and the dog will give you this look that says, "My God, you're RIGHT! I NEVER would have thought of that!" So we come to think of dogs as being understanding and loving and compassionate, and after a while we hardly even notice that they spend the bulk of their free time circling around with other dogs to see which one can sniff the other the most times in the crotch. We are not sure yet whether Earnest has a working brain. You can't tell, early on, with dogs.

(Requested by nursecindy)


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I THINK that I shall never see
A dog who doesn't like to pee.

A dog whose hungry mouth is pressed
Against my "Hey - geez! that's my breast!!";

A dog that looks at God all day,
And lifts his leg as if to pray;

A dog that may in summer wear
A nest of tangles in her hair;

Upon whose backside snow has lain;
Who intimately stinks of rain.

Poems i make here on the blog,
But only God can make a dog.

No offense to Lucy, but Moosedawg, Crack Puppy and I miss Earnest and Dave's emergency backup dog, Zippy.

*applause for sandy*

I think the doggie just rolled over to scratch in a new direction and the "word processor" came unplugged.

This is why guys love dogs. We have everything in common.


I like the bulldog's motto:

If you can't eat it
Or hump it
Piss on it and walk away

The humor blog Hyperbole and a Half has two stories on not-so-bright dogs:

Dog Story 1


Dog Story 2

Both are *almost* as good as Dave's story.

That column always makes me smile.

The blog ate my earlier comments about the collie that helped raise me to be who I am today.

Even when he was old and the block walk to the bus stop was painful, he made sure I crossed the street safely and walked on the street side to protect me from any passing cars. Folks got used to the bus driver keeping the flashing red lights on while he limped back across the street.

HAving put one of my sweets pups to sleep a week and a half ago, this made me smile.

My pup was so "cool" that when I threw a toy for her to fetch she would look at me like, "Why did you throw my toy? YOU go get it." I miss that look.

Mikey, I get that exact look from my cocker spaniel. She is priceless.

Beckster. Yes they are. It is hard to outlive them but I would rather do this then have them taken care of by any one else.

When I first got my yellow lab, Daisy, I decided I was going to teach her to fetch a Frisbee. I threw it one time, she ran after it, and then ate it. We don't play fetch anymore. I have a chihuahua that is around 16 years old. She used to run like the wind and I've chased her many times. Now she just waddles and I pretend I can't catch her. It makes us both happy.

You guys made me cry!

I found a copy of this on the web somewhere a while back, and some genius had "fixed" it by completing the text at the end.

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